the KOMMA - PUNKT - 7 story

Dear friends and followers.

I am really happy to announce the release of my latest record,
KOMMA - PUNKT - 7 !!!
Two fine tracks on Vinyl, recorded in the beginning of 2012.
I`d really like to thank my old friend Ronald Menke from Hamburg first, since he started it all.
Back in December 2011 he called to tell me, that he had won a free press of 100 7inch vinyl records via Hamburg press master ameise:

Since Ronald is not a musician himself, he wanted me to take the win.
After I`ve recorded the two tracks, i met up with Mads Christian Brauer from Efterklang to spice and mix it up a little.
Finally i got the Record mastered at Lichte Studio, by Martyn Heyne:

Ameise took his time cutting and pressing, but in November 2012 the records finally arrived.
I waited another month for the stickers, but now everything is done and ready to go, finally!!!